Assays & Assay Development

PharmOptima provides custom assay development services to customers worldwide. PharmOptima's scientists can work with you to develop assays to meet your specific research needs. Our scientists have extensive experience in the different custom assay development services listed below.  

  • Immunosorbant assays
    • traditional ELISA (HRP, AP)
    • ECL (Meso Scale Discovery format) technologies
  • Development of multiplex immunoassays using MesoScale Discovery technology
  • Cell-based assays:  signal transduction (eg cAMP)
  • Ligand binding assays 
    • Radio-isotope
    • isothermal denaturation
    • fluorescence intensity and polarization
  • Enzyme assays and kinetics
  • Inhibitor mechanism and validation
  • MSD Certification
    • Human Aß42
    • Human Total Tau