Drug Metabolism

Drug MetabolismPharmOptima offers a complete range of drug metabolism services, with the capability to design studies specifically tailored to your requirements.  Our expertise in supporting your lead selection, along with the benefits from our on-site vivarium, provide comprehensive support for your preclinical discovery research programs.  

Metabolic Profiling and Elucidation
  • CYP Phase 1 metabolites
  • non-CYP metabolites
  • phase II metabolites
  • enterohepatic circulation of metabolites
  • metabolite structure elucidation
Metabolism models (with or without radioisotopes)
  • whole animal profiling of tissues (blood, urine, feces, brain, lung, etc)
  • organ systems in vivo (bile cannulation or other)
  • cells (hepatocytes)
  • S-9 (liver) or microsomes (liver)
  • isolated cloned CYPs