Ophthalmic Services Overview

PharmOptima's ophthalmic services begin, run and conclude with a high level of technical expertise.  From specialized ocular dosing by trained scientists, to the precise dissection of specific ocular tissues by our specialists, followed by exacting sample processing and bioanalysis by PharmOptima's experienced staff; we stand out against the large CRO model of generalized necropsy technicians and crash & shoot discovery bioanalysis. PharmOptima's bioanalytical team has extensive experience processing, homogenizing and extracting ocular fluids and tissues.  We have developed LC-MS/MS methods for hundreds of compounds.

Our scientists have:

  • validated bioanalytical methods following current FDA Crystal City and OECD guidances
  • performed cross validations for additional species and matrices
  • assayed plasma and dosing solutions from regulated animal safety studies (i.e. GLP) and clinical trials
  • assayed metabolism of drugs/prodrugs in ocular tissue


  • board certified veterinary ophthalmologist to assist with specific procedures
  • non-human primate facility experienced in ocular work

Specializing in Ocular PK/ADME

Ocular Pharmacology / Biochemistry

Full Range of ADME for IND/NDA